Monday, April 24, 2017


Before we knew it, the first term, aka the first THIRD of our time at the Village, came to a close.  Three other cousins and I headed immediately to Uganda for a safari.  It was absolutely incredible!  Here is a brief breakdown of what we did:

First stop: Lake Bunyoni
Lake Bunyoni has 29 different islands.  We stayed in a geodome at an eco-friendly hostel powered entirely by solar electricity.  It also had compost toilets aka glorified outhouses.  But the outdoor showers were pretty cool.

Next stop: Queen Elizabeth Park
After leaving Bunyoni we headed to a National Park to settle into a Bush Lodge.  We went on our first drive where we saw plenty of bush and waterbucks and cobs and water buffalo and also elephants!!!  The next day was exceptionally exciting as we went chimpanzee trekking.  Our guide had us follow the sounds of the chimps as we literally sprinted through the jungle with him, climbing across trees and rivers with hippos and stumbling through the brush.  We were rewarded with seeing at least half of the chimp clan.  I felt right at home.  The last day we ended by seeing two lions – one male and one female.  Lions are hard to come by in the wild so we felt quite lucky!

Last stop: Back to Bunyoni
We returned to our beloved island where we spent time relaxing and canoeing.  I enjoyed the cool water and the rope swing! 

After returning from our Ugandan Safari, we headed to the southern coast of Kenya to chill by the beach.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Below are some of the random notes I wrote on my phone while I was there:

So in love with Kenya! Brasilian bracelet left me in Uganda – side note, that was quite sad as that bracelet lived on my wrist for almost a decade.  I guess I just need to return to Brasil now!
Day 1: beach and then lunch with blue ball monkeys. Delicious fish. Then chill. Nakumatt ice cream fell on the ground. Met cool Japanese couple that has been traveling for 3 years and has seen 90 countries. Went out with crazy Kenyan men and danced a lot. I want to learn to dance better! They were so fun.
Day 2: awoke to our roommate almost pooping in the laundry basket. Decided we needed to leave hostel.  Moved into a resort for 2 nights. Best pool ever. Post pool went to the beach for a bit. Octopus is chewy. Coconuts taste bad here. Then the most incredible sushi dinner. We heart fish. 
Day 3: pool morning. Then to Galu beach. Most incredible fish lunch courtesy of tattooed Swiss lady. Went on a sailboat with 3 Kenyan men to attempt snorkeling. Tiny jellyfish stung us. I will never stop being entertained by water. 
Day 4: drive to Kilifi. Late lunch, volleyball, and happy hour at the new eco lodge. It's pretty and people tend to stay here. 
Day 5: take a tuktuk to a beach with absolutely no one! Seems like volcanic rock is all over the sand and makes for all these cool tiny eco systems. Peter and I explored. Then the Jews wandered in the desert. Attempted lunch and shopping in town. Finished Americanah. Afternoon yoga and then full moon dhow sailing! People were very interesting. 
Day 6: my Chaco tan is officially gone. We went snorkeling on the show with captain Issa. Saw so many fish and coral!! 
Day 7: chilled by the pool and drank a Peter drink. Twas quite lovely. More volleyball. Wonderful butter rich dinner courtesy of David. 
Day 8: more pool! Pizza party and beer pong night at the hostel. Stay up til sunrise then on our plane!

A few other things about vacation:
-       I feel happy and rejewvenated. 
-       I’m bad at taking pictures but luckily my friends rock at it so most of these photos are courtesy of them (mostly the very skilled Peter Lee).  Special shout out to Peter for capturing many moments without us noticing.
We missed Passover but when we returned to the Village we did a sort of Seder and it was super cute and fun.

Tea Plantation

Getting ready for Chimp Trekking!

Hi Mom!

Hi Dad!



Steering the Dhow

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  1. What an adventurous vaca! So glad you had fun and saw the Theresa & Philip chimps! Where are you and Bernie? Maybe we'll have to wait until the gorilla trek to see you two. Good to know you finally got that sailing lesson. Cheers to your expanding list of consumable seafood. Love all the exploring and random realizations!

    Je t'aime!