Friday, December 16, 2016


After returning from a wonderful year in Germany, I spent the last four months at home with friends and family.  For my in-between-countries-job, I became a substitute teacher in two local schools.  I could go on and on with stories about the crazy and funny things students and teachers do and say, but I’ll keep it brief:
-       Middle school is the worst and most awkward age.  Just look at Bar or Bat Mitzvah photos to know. 
-       High school students aren’t much better, though they do understand more of your sarcasm and jokes. 
-       I find cell phones and social media and how they combine to permeate everything incredibly annoying. 
-       Most importantly, substitute teaching reminded me of the value of our teachers and educators.  They are such incredible people and I wish they were told that more often and paid more for their work. 

Below are some of my favorite pictures from this fall.  I’ll definitely miss it!

The eggplant-parm trio

With my Padre

With my Mumsie


Happy :)

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