Tuesday, September 6, 2016

War and Peace

Unfortunately, this post is not some attempt at writing anything about the current state of world affairs.  Rather, I just wanted to let the world know I finished reading Tolstoy's War and Peace.  It only took me a year, (I began on the plane to Germany) but I finished the darn thing, epilogues and all.  Though I must say I still prefer Anna Karenina.  Since no one actually cares about this, here are some pictures for the three people who might care about those.

Hogwarts Village 2016 Staff!  Martim, Mada, me, and Bob
Staffing with them was wonderful.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to staff in Portugal, a country and people I have since fallen in love with.  

My new friend Jacky
Jacky graduated from ASYV, a place I'm moving to in December.  More on that in another post!

Exploring the castle in Lisbon

Emy and our delicious local brew in Gdansk!  I'm so happy I got to see her once more before leaving Europe.

Exploring a Hamburg park with Paula.  We also met up in Lisbon and had a wonderful time!

At a cafe with Nina!  She hung out with me in Munich for my 11 hour layover and showed me some beautiful parts of it :)

Anna & Nick.
I'm out of words for these two.  They are incredible host parents and friends.  I miss the two of you and your sweet children!!!

Peace Out.

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  1. What an amazing year and chapter in your life! So proud of you, your affinity for adventures and your strength and independence to act on it. Family Levy is thrilled to have you stateside for a few months and look forward to reading your blogs from Rwanda! Je t'aime!