Monday, July 4, 2016

The Three P’s: Poland, Paula, & Portugal

So much has happened in the past week!  I’m pleased to report it’s been quite fun and I’m also slightly less sick.  I spent the weekend with Emy in Gdansk, a town on the Baltic in northern Poland.  We had a nice time just relaxing, eating good food, walking around the Old Town, and shopping because Poland is super cheap.  It’s always fun to explore a new place with an old friend.  Despite a little bit of rain, we managed to enjoy ourselves.  We had local beer at an old brewery, veggie burgers, and Mexican food because not eating meat in Poland can be a little challenging.  We also liked our usual coffee and chats J It was neat to see Poland because I’ve always been a little curious about it.  I definitely want to go back to see Krakow or Warsaw.  I’m looking forward to the next time I see Emy, wherever that may be! 

This past week, my interchange partner, Paula, from Brasil came to visit.  In between the usual things with the kids, we spent two full days exploring Hamburg and one exploring Luneburg.  Now that I’ve been around here long enough, I felt like I finally knew what to do when someone was visiting.  Plus, it’s always nice to have an excuse to go and do something, as I can be lazy when it comes to going into the city.

On Tuesday, we started with my favorite view of the city, that from my host grandparents’ apartment.  Then, we walked down to Landungsbrucken to see the old Elbe tunnel.  We bought Fischbrotchen (fish sandwiches) to bring on the ferry that goes around the port.  From then we went into the city center to check out the Rathaus (city hall) and Jungfernstieg for spaghetti ice cream.  “Spaghetti” ice cream has been a tradition since I got it with my seminar friends five years ago.  None of us realized that it was ice cream made to look like spaghetti and not actual spaghetti.  I like to think I’ve gained a few brain cells since then.  Anyways, we returned in the evening to get drinks in a part of town called St. Georg.  Paula doesn’t really like alcohol (one of the many things I like about her) but wants to experiment, so I made sure to show her lots of different fruity- and Hamburg-related drinks.

Wednesday morning we started at the Kunsthalle, the museum where Anna works.  It was the first time I went since they re-opened the big building after 2 years of renovations.  It was absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to go back and see the Manet exhibit sometime in August.  Then, Paula and I walked around a park called Planten und Blomen.  I had been there a couple times before but never found it anything special because nothing was in bloom.  We came at the perfect time because everything was blooming and beautiful!  We even got to walk around the botanical garden run by the university.  Afterwards, we headed over to Sternschanze for lunch and a piece of marzipan cake at one of the oldest bakeries in the city.  In the evening, we made a dinner of some of my favorite Brazilian foods that Paula brought: tapioca pancakes and Pao de Queijo.  Everyone loved it and I can’t wait to get some more from the Brazilian market when I’m back in Florida!  Later, we headed back to the city to check out another bar and to see the lights of the Reeperbahn at night.

 Thursday we went to the small but beautiful town of Luneburg where I take my German course.  We ambled along the streets and went into random shops looking at pretty books and postcards.  Paula had the wonderful idea of buying bread and cheese to have lunch outside and it was lovely!  In the evening we had dinner outside with my host family.  It was a very nice last evening in Germany for awhile.  It will definitely be weird at first to be away from the kids, but I’m so happy I got to see Paula and that now we will both be in Portugal.  Tchau for now! 

Pics to come later!

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  1. Happy 4th of July! I called Aunt Sally today and read your blog post to her. She loved hearing about your travels and adventures! Je t'aime!