Thursday, April 28, 2016

Os-some Oslo

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of visiting Oslo, Norway.  I stayed with my friend Kris, whom I met at IPP in Brasil.  He’s lived in Oslo for several years now and did a wonderful job showing me around.  It was great to see him and to see what a beautiful city Oslo is!

On Friday when I arrived we started out with a walk around town.  I saw the Opera House, Parliament, City Hall, and the National Theatre among many other beautiful buildings.  Then we went down to the water and walked around a really old fortress.  Afterwards, we stopped at a restaurant for a snack.  They messed up our order so they brought us extra and we ended up being stuffed after mussels and whale!  Yup, I tried whale.  It was delicious.  I wouldn’t do it again except for another special occasion like that, but I definitely enjoyed it.  From there, we checked out a bar that was actually a pharmacy from 1896-2013.  Since it was required to keep all of the original interior, it was absolutely beautiful.  Afterwards we went home to make caipirinhas and reminisce about Brasil.

On Saturday, it was sunny!!!  At this time of year (actually, most times of year in my Floridian opinion), sunshine is quite a rarity in this part of the world, so we enjoyed it while we stood outside waiting to get free Turbans from a Sikh event. Mine is a pretty peach color.  Then we walked around the Vigesland Sculpture Garden.  I really enjoyed it there especially because all of the sculptures depict scenes from everyday life.  Afterwards, we headed towards a Ski Jump.  At first I wondered why visiting a Ski Jump would be cool, but I realized it as soon as we arrived.  Perched on the side of a mountain, it goes 100 meters up and you can look out over the entire city.  It was absolutely terrifying.  I’m usually okay with heights, but once you got to the top, you couldn’t see the bottom anymore!  Why anyone wants to ski jump is beyond me…After our ski jump adventure, we went to a Kon Tiki themed bar with chilis in our drinks!  I loved my spicy mojito.  Then we went home and made fish for dinner with cloudberry ice cream for dessert!  I’m definitely excited about berry season here in Europe J

Sunday morning, Oslo was having an event along the lines of being a tourist in your own city.  They gave out free museum passes that were also good for free public transport.  After a delicious waffle breakfast, we visited the Nobel Peace Museum, Viking Ship Museum, and Munch Museum.  I really enjoyed learning more about the Nobel Peace Prize in the museum’s interactive exhibits and then getting to see Viking ships from the year 850!  I enjoyed a free concert at the Munch Museum, though I did find their exhibit with Mapplethorpe a little strange.  Afterwards, we had a beer in another cool bar, and then took the boat to one of the nearby islands with an old monastery.  I love how Oslo has so many cool nature things within the city or a 5 minute boat ride away!  Afterwards, Kris showed me a synagogue near his old apartment.  I love finding a little peace of Judaism wherever I go, and this simple gesture from Kris really meant a lot.  Then we went home and made curry for dinner with currants and vanilla sauce for dessert.  Vanilla Sauce rocks.  Americans should look into that more.  Overall, it was a wonderful trip and I hope to go back to Norway again soon! 

Here are a few other random things going on:

It has snowed in April.  Twice now.  When will I ever stop wearing a coat when I go outside?!?

I made a joke in German!!!  Granted it was not the wittiest thing ever as the four year old understood it and laughed, but still, it’s progress.

Side Note to previous Side Note: Everyone seems to have forgotten about the burnt building.  Sometimes even when you walk by something multiple times a day, you have to really look in order to actually see it.

Kris's drink in the foreground and mine in the background.  Hot and spicy!

You can actually bring your old Turbans there to recycle them!

Caipirinhas ft. M-C & Kris

Viking Ship!

Checking out the Nobel Peace Prize Winners

That thing shaped like a rose in the middle is Whale.

Waiting for our boat

Because you don't have to be in France to enjoy a delicious Rhubarb Macaron!

Statue of a Hammer crushing a Swastika

Opera House

Seeing this made me happy

Me in front of the palace!  I took a picture with a guard but can't find it at the moment :)

Yay USA!

I liked this Ad

Pretty skies

My favorite sculpture

Tallest sculpture in the park

Can't see the bottom from the top of the Ski Jump...

Because Boats are cool


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