Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I just spent the last ten days in Austria with my host family.  They drive there every year to a tiny town up in the Alps for skiing.  And I learned to ski!!!  For this Florida girl, being there was a dream.  Some parts were quite new to me – for instance, ten people in a one-room cabin all sharing one bathroom.  Sharing a bed with five other people.  Things like that.  But it all worked out and was so worth it!  I really enjoyed talking with the four other friends (all CISV of course) of my host family that stayed in the cabin with us.  Each of us cooked dinner a different night and there was always schnapps and chatting.  And of course the views and spending so much time outside was absolutely incredible.  The snow and mountain air definitely made doing this whole “winter” thing worth it!

I also really enjoyed the family aspect of the trip.  Aside from the 10 of us in our cabin, both sets of host-grandparents were there, the Aunt and her family, and a family friend with her family and close friends.  Each day we made a kind of base camp at the foot of the slope.  There was always a friend or family member coming by to hang out or head up to the lift.  I would hang out there with the smallest girl and when people wanted to take breaks, I could go skiing.  I owe my new moves to grandpas Wolfgang (74 years old and still skiing strong; he was super patient and kind with me) and Claus, Uncle Lukas, and pretty much everyone else.  The kids were also a source of inspiration with their fearlessness racing down the mountain.  After a few hiccups (accidentally jumping out of a ski lift) and much fear and many falls, I felt by the end that I could actually ski!  I know if I went another time I would just keep improving.  Overall I am tired, happy, and thankful for this trip, the people I spent time with, and the new skill I learned.

The view from the "Baby Berg" as I called it (the Bunny Hill) where I spent plenty of time practicing.

One day I went on a hike to take a break from skiing and see a waterfall!

The closest I got to finding Edelweiss.

Me crossing a little creek on our hike.

Said waterfall we hiked to.

Kaiser Schmand!  A super yummy egg-based dessert that we had twice during Skiurlaub.

Me skiing down the Baby Berg.

The view from the top!

It never gets old.

Feeling like you're on top of the world.

Love from the ski bunny!


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