Sunday, November 15, 2015

Okay so

Reasons this blog post is late and short and also kind of unexciting:
I’m somewhat lazy and simultaneously kind of busy.  This just might be all over the place. 
I’m currently sitting here thinking: What do I write?  I always have this combination of nothing and everything swirling through my small brain.
There is a lot of awful shit happening around the world right now.  It can leave the mind reeling as if you are wandering through Jurassic Park searching for a phone buried deep in dinosaur dung. 

Side note: I actually started writing this blog post before I heard about the attacks in Baghdad, Beirut, Paris, and so many other places.  I was thinking a lot about race relations in the United States.  About how I went to an incredibly diverse high school and a university with a ways to go in that department.  I was thinking about how instead of trying to do something about it, I just left.  Then things happen much closer to your new home and you wonder if there’s any “safe” place to be.  While trying to figure out in what way I should help (because avoiding these issues is not going to work), I am also trying to reconcile the many things I find important.  

If you know me well, you probably know what’s important to me.  Some days I want to work in environmental sustainability because without our environment, we have nothing.  Some days I want to work for food equality because a child cannot concentrate and learn in school without proper food.  Some days I want to work as a teacher or in education reform because someone can take your family, your home, everything you own, but they can never take the knowledge inside your head.  Some days I want to work outside because being in nature lends a different perspective and I think overall makes people somewhat nicer.  Some days I want to work in development because I think it’s a pretty messed up concept, and since I know it’s messed up, I might be able to help make it somewhat less crappy.  Some days I want to work in the United States so I can give back just a bit to a country and community that have given me so much.  Some days I want to work abroad because I love immersing myself in different cultures and experiencing a different way of life.  Some days I want to work specifically with young children because everything they learn and do plays a role later in life.  And some days I want to just be a mom because parenting, if you do it, is the most important role you will ever have.

So right now I’m just happy to be an Au Pair.  I may not be doing groundbreaking cancer research or designing a way to keep icebergs from melting, but I’m spending time with children.  They represent our future.  And if I can have some sort of positive impact on them, then I’m content with that. 

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