Thursday, October 22, 2015


I’m currently lacking some writing inspiration right now.  I’m doing quite fine; I just don’t know what to write about.  How do people blog every day?  I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read my random thoughts all the time.  I wonder if maybe this is because I’m pretty used to everything now.  Nothing is super “new” anymore.  Not that anything about living here is getting old; there’s always something different to explore.  But I guess I’ve finally realized I live here and that won’t change for a while.  So while daily life stays predictable, I’ll tell you a few “new” things: 

-       I hung out with two of the moms from the preschool.  We went to the Hamburg Towers basketball game and it was awesome!  The game was really exciting and we sat quite close.  I cheered extra hard for the players from the USA and enjoyed listening to the music.  I think I’m as good of a dancer as some of those “cheerleaders” though…
-       I went to CISV Germany’s National Junior Branch Conference for a day.  I found it really interesting to see how CISV operates in a different National Organization.  I definitely noticed some style differences between Germany and the USA in terms of running the meetings. Overall, I left with the same feeling I often have after CISV activities or interacting with people from other cultures in general: we really are more alike than different. 
-       The notion of having more similarities than differences also holds true in my German class.  I’m studying at Leuphana University in Luneburg and every single student in my course is from a different country.  Last class I spent the brief lunch break with the guys from Somalia, Pakistan, and Egypt.  They are all working really hard on their PhDs and it was really cool to hear what university is like in their home countries.
-       I made brownies and they were not great.  If you know me, you know how much of a travesty that is.  I just don’t know what to do without my Ghirardelli and Heath Bar!  At least everyone else still likes them. 
-       I really like my name.  Shout out to my mom (and the women she named me after) for being French and also living in the South so that I ended up as Marie-Claire and not something else.  I also like what many of you, my small readership, know me as: M-C.  I went through phases where I wanted to be called just M-C or just Marie-Claire, but the last few years I haven’t really cared.  I love being M-C.  I’m also a sucker for when someone says my name the French way.  Here, everyone calls me Marie-Claire, the French way.  It’s a new thing for me and it’s tres bien!  But I also miss being called M-C.  Or maybe I just miss the people who know me as M-C and nothing else.  I’m talking to you, frandz. <3 <3 <3   
-       On Sunday I had 2 shots of espresso and 3 cups of coffee and slept fantastically.  I used to get ridiculously hyper off of half a cup of joe and couldn’t sleep if I had something caffeinated past 4 in the afternoon…when did that change? 
-       I had a gin and tonic without a slice of lime and I survived.
-       Last thing – I told a friend about the head lice incident and how I didn’t sign up for this! He kindly reminded me that I basically did if I decided to live with young girls.  I guess it’s all about perspective J

Off to Milan for the weekend ciao bella!

P.S. - I called this post blob because I feel like a bit of a blob and also because I explained the word "blob" to my host dad yesterday. 

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