Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Aside from sluggish being my current mood, there are slugs (Schnecke) all over the garden.  They keep the three year old pretty entertained by either picking them up with shovels or dodging them as she walks.  I accidentally ran one over with the stroller this morning.  Oops. 

Okay, to explain the sluggishness, the tardiness of this post, and why it will be all over the place: I am sick.  Yet again.  I am also already out of Day/NyQuil so I can just eat chocolate to feel mentally better, right?  I blame the baby for snotting everywhere but also she’s cute and I like to hold her so that’s probably partly my fault.  Anyways, I’ll just sleep a lot and drink tea and get over it because I’m going to Sweden this weekend woohooo!!!!

So, the random thoughts:

Never in my life am I happier to have poor vision than I am when I go to the pool.  I have spent countless hours of my life in pools, but none quite so like “The Island,” the pool five minutes down the street where I go to exercise.  It’s a super nice pool, indoors and outdoors, connected in a way so you don’t have to actually walk outside in the cold to get from pool to pool, water slides of different sizes, two hot tubs, water areas specifically for children of different ages, the works.  What this pool lacks is a shower with stalls.  Why?  Because it’s Germany.  You can just all shower together and change together and that’s fine.  I’m all for everyone feeling comfortable in their own skin and around others, but did I mention the average age of pool patrons is 70?!?  So I’m happy you’re there and you’re working out and rinsing off and whatever, I just have no desire to see it.  It’s enough they always get in my way in the pool (because there’s no lane ropes), now we have to share the shower too?  Since I can’t have my own shower stall, I’ll at least make the active choice to leave my glasses in the locker room and not put them on until I’m out of the building.

I love this city.  Of course it will never top anywhere like NYC (nowhere could), but it has its own charm.  Hamburg contains the perfect blend of crowded buildings and random streets with water and green spaces everywhere.  I take any chance I have to go there and explore!  Whether it's a new museum or a new neighborhood, I'm happy walking around and discovering something new.

Like I expected, learning it ain’t easy.  I went to one German class.  My German was too poor for me to stay in it and actually learn things, so I’m starting another class in two weeks.  For now my phone, computer, and the children will have to do.  I’ve realized the language barrier is hardest with the middle child.  We both have difficulties understanding one another, unlike the 6 year old who speaks clearly and the baby who can’t talk.  Oh well, we’ll get there one day!

Leave it to me to find Brasilians in a small town in Germany.  I met the nicest family because their son is in class with the oldest girl.  They just moved, or as they see it, escaped, from Rio.  It’s interesting to hear their perspective on the situations in both Brasil and Germany.  It’s also nice to remember I’m not the only one with language struggles. 

We went apple and pear picking this weekend!  It was incredible!!! The fresh juice, the sunny atmosphere, kids running up and down the rows of trees, everything.  I know you can do that in the US, but not in Florida, so I relished every moment of this new experience.  How will I ever again eat a Harry and David apple?  On that note, I’m going to go contemplate a sliver of the apple cake I made.  Tschüss!

P.S. – I definitely ran over at least one more slug in the time between when I started this blog post and when I actually finished it.  Yum.

P.S.S. – In case you were curious, eggs are sold in cartons of ten, not a dozen.  How am I supposed to have six of one or half a dozen of the other?!?

 Hamburg sunsets
 Where we went apple and pear picking!
 Mini apple
 Interesting picture from the Hamburg photography museum
Lake Alster - one of my favorite places in Hamburg

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  1. Loved your post! Feel better and enjoy seeing Emy in Stockholm!