Friday, September 4, 2015

Settling In

I made it!  So far, I am very much enjoying it here in this little "suburb" of Hamburg.  It's not always peachy, but I'm starting to get the hang of things.  The main issue I have with myself is not knowing German.  The oldest child understands that and is really good about pointing things out to me and clearly speaking their names.  The middle child just rattles off German at me all the time. When I don't get it, she just speaks slowly; it doesn't help much, but it's kind of funny.  And then there's the sweet little strawberry blonde baby who just bops around.  Those are the three girls, and I like them plenty already.

I also enjoy talking with the parents and seeing how they interact with their children.  It's much different than the U.S., and in my opinion, much better!  For example:

- a 3 year old can cut fruit with a sharp knife
- the kids don't need safety scissors because they just use regular ones
- the 6 year old can walk to the store alone
- if food or a pacifier falls on the floor, they can stick it back in their mouths
- and, they rarely get sick!

That's just a little info for now, but I could go on and on about everything I've seen in just a few short days!  I'm a little tired, but doing well.  I haven't gotten sick of the 50ish degree weather yet and manage to spend a fair amount of time outside walking or in the garden.  I LOVE the garden as you'll see from the pictures.  Overall, things are good!  Now it's time to clean up a little and get the girls from kindergarten (preschool).

 The bike shed looks like it came out of a fairy tale!
 Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and they grow everywhere here.
 The backyard, or as they call it, garden.  It has pears and apples and blackberries and grapes and currants and so many kinds of flowers!
 The house
What do you do when a friend gives you dozens of tiny plums?
 Make pie!!!

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  1. You'll be fluent soon -- obviously you have a patient, understanding teacher.