Thursday, September 17, 2015

Queijo, Queso, Käse, Cheez

Whatever you choose to call it, cheese is a fact of life here.  Omnivore?  Life’s good.  Pescatarian?  Life’s still good.  Vegetarian?  Easy.  Lactose-intolerant or Vegan?  Go back to wherever you came from.  Unless you can subsist on dark bread alone, your lack of lactase might send you packing.

Of all of the places I have come to know and love, I have never eaten as much cheese in any of them as I have here in Germany.  Cheese seems to have a presence at every meal here.  Bread + cheese + butter = breakfast and dinner.  (Which is why my number of bread slices is so high – need something to go with all that cheese!)  There’s cream cheese and soft cheese and smelly cheese and grated cheese and mild cheese and the list goes on forever.  You can even bake cheese patties and smother them in Lingonberry jam and call it a main course!  It all tastes pretty good too.  Forget Philadelphia and Sargento, the supermarket brands here rock.  You also never buy the “light version” because if you’re going to eat that much cheese, you might as well go all out, right?  I just tell myself cheese has lots of protein and tastes good and pairs well with the yummy omnipresent dark bread.  In any case, the amount of cheese consumption by the two older children almost makes me happy the child in diapers eats mostly bananas.

On that lovely note, I’m going to go search for a slice of Gouda (pronounced gow-duh here by the way – this ain’t no goo-da crap).  Because despite my fascination with the amount of cheese eaten here, I rather enjoy it.

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