Friday, September 11, 2015

Just Smile and Nod

If there's anything I've learned over the last week where I did a lot more on my own, it's that smiling and nodding can get you through almost anything.  Well not just anything, but many a German encounter where I understand one out of every twenty words.  That's probably my ratio for German with adults, but with the kids it's much better!  Kids make great teachers and have taught me words for animals and foods and even the annoying children's music helps.  I swear the "Where is my spider" song will appear in my nightmares.

Aside from silly spider songs, life is good!  I'm becoming immune to the children (their germs, not their feelings) and by that I mean I'm a little sick.  Oh well, happens with kids I guess.  At least I can wipe my own nose.  Because speaking of all the things I can do for myself that these little ones can't, I have started to think quite hard about what my mother said about this experience being good "birth control."  Why do people have kids?!?!?!?  I mean when they're little they're like dogs.  Except dogs are always happy to see you and when they bark a lot you can put them in their crate.  Put your kid in a crate when it starts to scream and you might get some phone calls or visits from some state people.  Anyways, my host family doesn't have to worry about me doing anything other than being fun and responsible with the kids.  Not because they don't have a crate, but because they're not my children.  I can leave when I want to and do my own thing.  Parents can't (or at least in my opinion, shouldn't).  Don't get me wrong, I really do like these kids.  The little one especially has me wrapped around her tiny pale finger.  I'm just thinking about how much I like kids but would have to be out of my mind to want my very own.  Parents, you guys rock.  You wiped my butt hundreds of times and fed me veggies and grapefruit and taught me to be open-minded and all that warm fuzzy gross stuff that parents do.  Just be happy you won't have a grandkid soon.  If I start to tell you I've changed my mind and still want a baby in the near future, please whack me upside the head with a paper towel tube.

As I end this rant, a baby started crying.  Whatever, I'm just going to smile and nod.  Enjoy these pretty pictures of Germany :)

 The Schlosspark in Winsen has the most beautiful flowers!
 I took way too many pictures of them :)
 This is a lake I biked around in Germany!  To my right I got to see an old tanned shirtless dude sailing and to my left were pretty posh houses.
Apples fresh off the tree! They're my new favorite kind, whatever they are :)

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  1. Beautiful photos, M-C! Danke! Sorry you have a little cold but at least it is a small one and not the flu or something super yucky. Smile and nod is an effective temporary technique but as I know from employing a smile and nodder several years ago, it is no long range substitute.

    As I suspected, caring for three little ones is a definite reality check. It is great birth control but there are a few major differences when you contemplate having your own. Typically you only get one at a time and you start out satisfying very simple needs that build and change gradually over time. You get to choose which behaviors you reward or ignore. Also, when the baby has grown in your body for 9 month, you are already incredibly and powerfully in love with that little being. Thanks for the parenting kudos. It isn’t always easy but it is gratifying when you know your children are capable, independent, and mensches (I hope “mensch” doesn’t translate into naughty bits in German!).

    Je t’aime,

    P.S. Chag Sameach! Dre says you can use his Amazon gift card to download the new ghost writer Stieg Larsson book for his Kindle. Dip some of those yummy, fresh German apples in honey for a Sweet New Year!