Thursday, September 17, 2015

And let’s do the Numbers

No, I’m not your evening news on NPR, but these are my daily numbers:

1 – Once a day I visit the compost with our food scraps.  I’m working on my free throws by seeing how far I can stand from the pile while throwing in scraps.
2 – I have two iPhones – one German number and one American.  It’s fun I guess. 
3 – How many bananas the one-year-old eats per day.  That’s more than I would prefer to eat ever. 
4 – The number of times the three-year-old shouts “NEIN” when she really doesn’t want to do something.  There’s usually one big NEIN followed by three smaller ones accompanied by foot stamping.
5 – The bread slices I consume per day (more on that later, but slices here are smaller.  Well, kind of.)
6 – Number of pages in the Friday NYT section we receive in the German paper.
7 – Multiply by 2 and that’s how many days I have been here.
8 – The number of photos of family and friends and places I love hanging from each ribbon in my room.  The pictures make me happy and the girls enjoy looking at them.
9 – According to Duolingo, as of Monday I am 9% fluent in German!  But...
10 & up – I pretend I understand German conversation at least ten times a day.   

Side note - my friends know how often I start a story with “I heard on NPR…”  Well, my host dad has a long commute to work and listens to different podcasts.  Each evening he starts at least one story with “So, today, on my podcast…” Just wanted you all to know I’m not the only one.  And to please send me your favorite NPR pieces because I miss it!

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