Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Settling In

Life in Floripa is going well!  I have started my Advanced Portuguese Class which has to do with film in Brasil.  I like that we speak Portuguese all of the time and there are 5 people including the professor so we're getting to know one another.  Many of the Americans here don't know much Portuguese yet and I'm trying to avoid speaking English, so class and my awesome host family definitely help!  Floripa has many outdoor adventures to offer and so far that's one of my favorite parts about living here.  Yesterday I went to the Ecological Park right next to the university that has the tree Brasil was named for, butterflies, tortoises, trails, and much more.  Unfortunately, learning about local NGOs for the Social Science Scholars part of living in Floripa is not yet going well.  I have tried to visit a few offices and I have sent many emails, but I have not yet had any luck.  I'm not yet giving up, and I think that the difficulty with contacting local NGOs will definitely play a role in what a learn.  Now, for some pictures!

Right now, the university is having a protest to have a 30-hour work week instead of 40 hours.  I find that kind of funny because my parents definitely only get paid for 40 hours for their 60+ hours of work and I work 30 hours a week in addition to being an involved student.  The bus drivers are also on strike, but luckily I walk to class. 

Oh look, I'm steering the boat!

Flowers in this neighborhood are beautiful.

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  1. Are you dreaming in Portuguese yet? What a beautiful country! I know you will be tenacious with the NGOs. It might be a little more challenging if they are striving to work 30 hours per week. Try different times and days. Maybe Riso has some connections?