Monday, June 9, 2014

Pais rica e pais sem pobreza

"Rich country and country without poverty" is one of Brasil's big advertisements right now.  I'm quite fond of Brasil, but that's a label I'd use with very few countries.  Speaking of labels, here are a few things I've thought about lately:

Machismo.  It's alive and well in this country.  Men have no problem trying to grab you for a dance or a kiss.  Yes it happens in the States, but people are more forward here.  Women aren't the only victims of the machismo culture.  Men are afraid of being labeled "gay" (though the LGBTQ+ community is very accepting here) so they often perpetuate their stereotypes.  Of course, this does not apply to everyone; many Brasilians I've met are the opposite.

Copa do Mundo starts Thursday and everyone is excited to see how it goes.  Is Brasil ready?  Considering they host Carnaval, one of the largest global events, I think they're ready for the Cup.  Regardless of how people feel about the president, or the amount of money being spent on issues not pertaining to them, or what foreigners say about it, Brasilians absolutely love their country and they want to win.

The word "landscaping" doesn't really translate into Brasilian portugues, mainly because they don't really landscape.  Hedges are completely overgrown, and weeds blossom everywhere.  We might think they could use a lawn mower once in awhile, but they probably find our lawns a little too manicured. At FSU, when one brick is missing from the sidewalk, they put tape around the hole so you don't miss it.  At UFSC, entire chunks of sidewalk are missing or sunken in, and you just need to watch where you walk.  Maybe Brasil needs to be tamed a bit, or maybe the USA needs to shy away from its red-taped comfort zone.  Take these as metaphors if you want, I'm just observing my new home.

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  1. Interesting reflections on culture and life. Travel and immersion are powerful and enlightening!