Friday, June 6, 2014


So far, my favorite thing to do in Floripa is be outside!  Despite the fact that it's chilly and often rainy, there is always a new outdoorsy thing to do.  On Wednesday, I went sandboarding in Joaquina.  You trudge up these giant dunes and then sled down them!  Today, I went on a hike to Gravata.  It's a place that only the locals know, so after some interesting directions we went on a beautiful hike up and down the coast.  Other fun things: discovering new foods (passionfruit jelly and quinoa bread) in Brasilian supermarkets, making American Mac N Cheese for my host family, and trading stickers for my World Cup Book -  I have yet to upload pictures from all of these awesome things, but I will post them soon!

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  1. Cheers to outdoor adventures and World Cup stickers! Watched the USA beat Nigeria in Jacksonville. Great match! Can't wait to hear about your Rio World Cup adventure at the end of the month!