Friday, June 13, 2014

I had a dream about Chipotle

I'm only using that as a blog post title because I don't know what else to title it, but, I did in fact have a dream that involved me going to Chipotle.  It's probably due to the short list of things I miss from USA: my dogs, hummus, and Chipotle.  PB would be added except I brought some.  But enough about food (I clearly need to eat) here are some pictures:

 Americans and our awesome host, Riso.
 Sunset over the Lagoa (quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Floripa)
 The Brasilian tennis player Guga.  He happened to be in the tea shop I visited with Livio, but I didn't want to interrupt his family time for an actual picture :P
 Hiked Costa da Lagoa again.
 World Cup time!
 M-C & Livio

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  1. Great pics, M-C! You have the best host family EVER! Beijos to you and your Copa do Mundo twin!