Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Faixas e Futebol

Lines and Soccer - two things that are pretty crazy in Brasil.  Lines, because when they do actually make them, they are incredibly inefficient. Imagine 4 huge lanes of traffic all having to feed into one.  Or, at restaurants, instead of paying with your waiter, everyone waits in one long line to pay with one person.  But forget all of this, because when it comes to soccer, the whole world watches.  There isn't a car to be seen on the street during a game.  If the TV goes black for a split second, the entire bar will be in an uproar.  And watching Brasil play is INTENSE.  Aside from FSU playing in the National Championship, it's impossible to imagine a more stressful spectator sport.  Speaking of stress, island life here is pretty laid back.  It seems there is always time to sip a cafezinho or lunch with friends.  This could mean I have more time to volunteer, but it unfortunately has not worked out that way.  I have done a few things such as helping Brasilians learn English and helping organize a Chuck-it-for-Charity type fundraiser, but not as much as I would like.  I was about to get involved with an NGO, but I found out several people are leaving the organization because they are fed up with it.  If anything, although I am not participating, I am still learning quite a lot, whether it's about NGOs, Portuguese slang, names of football players, or types of Brasilian movies and music.  Tchau for now, M-C

I like trees

The old entrance to the city

Microwaves have a "brigadeiro" option

My new favorite smoothie: mango, passionfruit, yogurt, and lime.

Watching the sunset from the living room


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  1. Do Brasilians perceive Americans as being impatient? Look at what Disney has done with their lines so people don't complain. Being in Brasil for the copa do mundo is the experience of a lifetime! Enjoy!