Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Leaving on a Jetplane

Hi friends!  On this blog, you can see what I'm up to in Brasil this summer (their winter).  The title, Nossa, is an exclamation in Brasilian Portuguese and my favorite word to say for just about any situation.  So, NOSSA, I'm leaving tomorrow for 10 weeks!!!  The excitement hasn't quite yet hit me, as I'm still playing Tetris with my suitcase and trying not to forget any important items.  

So, why am I going to Brasil? Courtesy of the Winthrop-King, I'll be studying Portuguese in Florianopolis for 6 weeks.  Then, I go to Campinas to complete an International People's Project with CISV.  This is all a part of my Social Science Scholars project which is about observing and volunteering with local NGOs in Brasil.  I'm not promising this blog will be super exciting or updated very often, but I'll do my best.  Just for fun, here's a picture from when I was last in Brasil in December 2012.  Tchau for now!

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